How should I use particle DE? (3) Cause, reason


DE also works as “Because of ~”

When you need to explain the reason why you were late,
are you having trouble maybe?

The train was delayed by the heavy snow, that made you late in arriving.
It’s quite simple, your DE helps you!

すみません、ゆき で  電車が とまってしまいまして・・

Sorry, because of the snow, my train has stopped, so…

電車=でん・しゃ=literally means electric wheels= train


When you want to tell the reason or cause of something,
just say the thing and add で, and that is all.

A: せんしゅう、JLPTテストは どうでしたか?
B:それが・・インフルエンザで 行けませんでした。

友だちは、びょうき で かいしゃを やめましたが、
今は げんきに ほかのかいしゃで はたらいています。


By the way, as my example sentences show,
Nihongo sounds more natural if you do not finish the sentence.

It also indicates that you hesitate to finish the sentence
but expect the other to feel what you are wanting to say,
and it means, you are a not pushy, modest person often!

Let’s collect some good words to use with this reason-DE, challenge we?

雨   あめ     大雨  おおあめ

雪  ゆき   大雪  おおゆき

台風  たいふう typhoon

事故  じこ  accident

病気  びょうき  disease


バナナのかわ で すべって ころびました!

すべります=to slip
ころびます=to fall, to trip to fall


Now, how would you explain the reason why you were late for your date?

Good luck!



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